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home theater projectors


December 7th, 2011

optoma pk201 pico pocket projector

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As life becomes increasingly complicated the use of electronics as tools has greatly decreased some of life’s complications.

A portable pocket projector is an invaluable tool in the fast pace environment of the home, business, or educational system, and Optoma pk201 pico pocket projector maximizes desired qualities in size, picture quality, connectivity, and convenience.

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Optoma HD66 Home Theater Projector

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In the year 2011, home media entertainment has reached some amazing levels. Between the vast array of media types that can now be accessed quickly and easily and the variety of ways that they can be viewed, a person may wonder how to take home entertainment to the next level in their own home.

The answer is the Optoma HD66 Home Theater Projector. This gives anyone the ability to create a true home theater.

First and foremost, in today’s market, this system is 3D ready. Of course this does not mean that you are going to be watching 3D right now. The point is that the technology is there and ready when you are.

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optoma hd33

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1080p projector

3D Projector-Optoma HD33

For those looking for the best in 1080p resolution, and looking for a great 3d projector, the optoma hd33 is a great option to consider purchasing.

Not only is the 1080p projector 3d capable for blu-ray and gaming consoles, but it also features the best technologies, incorporating Texas Instruments 1080p DLP chipset, for the best in new form of technologies.

Best place to buy Optoma HD33  is at Amazon.

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home theater projectors

Home Theater Projector

optoma hd20 reviewFor an MSRP of only $999 the Optoma HD20 is one of a few true 1080p front projectors that can show a full 100 inches for the same price as a flat-panel display of only one quarter the size.

It has inputs aplenty to cover most applications, and if you also buy a power-retractable screen and mount you can have a complete home theater set up for less than $1700, about the same price as a 50 inch flat-panel.

The Optoma HD20 is made of white plastic with grey accents, and includes a lens cover, controls on the top of the unit, a security bar which locks the unit, and a remote control with batteries included.

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